What’s the Buzz?

Emily Shaw who is the Education and Wellbeing Consultant at The Balmain Practice offers three What’s the Buzz? programs: What’s the Buzz? Be School Ready (4-5 years of age), What’s the Buzz? for Early Years (5-7 years of age) and What’s the Buzz? for Primary Students (8-11 years of age).

Program details:

“What’s the Buzz? is designed for all children. It is especially for those who struggle to appreciate the free-following reciprocal nature of social interactions. Often such children are too shy, find it difficult to go with the flow, react too quickly, struggle to read social play, or to deal with day-to-day frustrations appropriately”.

(Mark Le Messurier & Madhavi Nawana Parker, 2015).


These fun, engaging and role-play based 16 session programs target the following themes:

  • Greeting others,
  • Making and keeping friends,
  • Fitting in,
  • Reading one’s own emotions,
  • Reading the feelings of others,
  • Dealing with competition,
  • Coping with worry, frustration and disappointment more constructively.
What’s the Buzz? Website:
Parental/Caregiver Support:

Parents and caregivers will be given a USB which will include PDF letters explaining the content of each session taught, as well as other helpful support resources for use at home.

About Emily Shaw:

Emily has over fourteen years of teaching experience in a wide range of school settings from Morgan Primary School in the South Australian River Land to St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School, Streatham, London, United Kingdom. She has been a Years 3-5 Classroom Teacher at a variety of different schools around Adelaide: East Para Primary School (Para Hills), Pedare Christian College (Golden Grove), Seymour College (Glen Osmond) and St Andrew’s School (Walkerville). Emily was also the Middle Primary Coordinator and Teacher of Wellbeing at St Andrew’s School, Walkerville.


Emily has both a Bachelor and Master of Education, a Post-Graduate Diploma and a Master of Counselling Practice, a Bachelor with First Class Honours degree in Psychology, and she is currently studying her Master of Clinical Psychology at the University of Sydney.

Emily is a fully-accredited What’s the Buzz? facilitator/teacher.

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For more information about What’s the Buzz? social skills programs: Email: janine@thebalmainpractice.com.au or emily@thebalmainpractice.com.au Phone: 0413 182 065