The MindUP™ Curriculum

Emily Shaw who is the Education and Wellbeing Consultant at The Balmain Practice, offers the MindUP™ Curriculum for children and adolescents who are aged 11 to 15 years. The MindUP™ program is informed by research in cognitive neuroscience, mindfulness training, social and emotional learning, and positive psychology.

The MindUP™ Curriculum is also suitable as an extension or enrichment program for children who are Gifted and/or Talented, and children who would like to develop their ability to live more mindfully.

This program is:

  • Science centric and evidence based,
  • Grounded in neuroscience, positive psychology, mindful awareness, and social and emotional learning,
  • An immersive discovery experience along with daily practices,
  • Promoting of positive behavior —improves learning and scholastic performance, while increasing empathy, optimism and compassion.
The MindUP™ Curriculum Website:
Resources and Support:

All students will be given a USB that contains lesson overviews and support resources, such as links to help students practice the skills that they learn at home in their everyday lives.

About Emily Shaw:

Emily has over fourteen years of teaching experience in a wide range of school settings from Morgan Primary School in the South Australian River Land to St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School, Streatham, London, United Kingdom. She has been a Years 3-5 Classroom Teacher at a variety of different schools around Adelaide: East Para Primary School (Para Hills), Pedare Christian College (Golden Grove), Seymour College (Glen Osmond) and St Andrew’s School (Walkerville). Emily was also the Middle Primary Coordinator and Teacher of Wellbeing at St Andrew’s School, Walkerville. Emily has both a Bachelor and Master of Education, a Post-Graduate Diploma and a Master of Counselling Practice, a Bachelor with First Class Honours degree in Psychology, and she is currently studying her Master of Clinical Psychology at the University of Sydney.

Contact Us:

For more information about the MindUP™ Curriculum: Email: or Phone: 0413 182 065

Mind Up Program

Ages: 12-16 years

Day: To be advised

Time: To be advised

School Terms 2019: 2, 3 & 4

Session Duration: 40 minutes

Number of Sessions: 8

Group Size: 4-6 children

Cost: $650.00 per child

(Please register your interest with The Balmain Practice, and further details will be sent to you).


The Curriculum:

Unit 1:

    • Lesson 1: How Our Brains Work
    • Lesson 2: Mindful & Focused Awareness

Unit 2:

    • Lesson 3: Mindful Listening, Seeing & Smelling
    • Lesson 4: Mindful Tasting & Movement

Unit 3:

    • Lesson 5: Perspective Taking
    • Lesson 6: Optimism & Appreciating Happy Experiences

Unit 4:

    • Lesson 7: Expressing Gratitude & Performing Acts of Kindness
    • Lesson 8: Taking Mindful Action in the World