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Life Stressors

In today’s world we often find ourselves juggling many different priorities. These can include work, family, children, elderly parents and our relationships. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by our business and start to feel like we are not coping as well as we would like too. These feelings of overwhelm can present as anxiety, depression or just a general feeling of “not being on top of things”.
If you have been feeling overwhelmed for a while you may find it helpful to talk to someone who can help you with some strategies to gain control of life again.


We all have times in our lives when we feel sad or down over things we experience. These feelings are normal and part of life. However, low feelings can turn into depression when,these feelings are severe, last for two weeks or more and interfere with daily functioning.
Some symptoms of depression can include, lowered self-esteem, changes in sleep patterns,change in appetite or weight, varying emotions through the day, change in sex drive, poor concentration or memory and low energy.
If you have some of these feelings for most of every day for two weeks or longer and these feelings interfere with your daily living you might benefit from psychological treatment. There are a variety of effective treatments for depression. Your psychologist will assess you and your needs and choose an appropriate treatment.


Anxious feelings such as nervousness and fear are part of being a human being. Fear is actually an important emotion as it occurs when we are in danger. If we find ourselves in a life threatening situation we would respond with fear and react by running or fighting! This fear is part of the survival process, and an important part of life.
Anxiety also occurs in non life threatening situations, such as big events. People often report feeling anxious before their wedding, a big job interview or sporting event. Again, these anxious feelings are normal and actually help us perform in these situations.Anxiety only becomes a problem when it is out of proportion to the situation and when it interferes with our daily activities and quality of life.If you are experiencing anxiety you may find it helpful to seek treatment. There are many helpful treatments and strategies to help you reduce your anxiety and enjoy life again.

Online Counselling

The Balmain practice offers eTherapy which is commonly called Online Therapy or Online Counselling and refers to psychological services offered by email, chat, and webcam. Clients can receive assistance with their psychological problems, receive answers to their questions and concerns from the comfort of their own home. Thus, e Therapy allows
individuals to seek assistance in a confidential and convenient way.